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Location and Travel:
I’m Local to Atlanta, GA
I tend to travel in the South-East; Tampa, FL and Charlotte, NC most often…

If you wish to schedule a Photoshoot or If you have an inquiry about Custom Photosets: please contact me at via the form below
Under the section titled “Photographer*” Please type your name OR subject title
You can also email me: PixieDust (at)
Please include all a detailed concept so that I may accurately quote you a rate for the set.

If you wish to communicate with me, please find me through my social networks such as:

If you have an inquiry or comment about the website, please contact the WEBMASTER at webmaster (at)


  • I do Pinup, Glamor, Fetish, Goth, Horror, and other Artistic sets
  • I charge for nude/fetish work, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • I DO NOT do porn style shots or spread shots. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • If you’re unsure don’t be afraid to ask
  • If you are not local to the SouthEast, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m open to traveling elsewhere!
  • I charge reasonably

Contact me for rates, they are very reasonable and can be flexible… Keep in mind that location and concept will determine my rate