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Location and Travel:
I’m Local to Atlanta, GA
I tend to travel in the South-East; Tampa, FL and Charlotte, NC most often…

If you wish to schedule a Photoshoot or If you have an inquiry about Custom Photosets: please contact me at via the form below
Under the section titled “Photographer*” Please type your name OR subject title
You can also email me: PixieDust (at)
Please include all a detailed concept so that I may accurately quote you a rate for the set.

If you have an inquiry or comment about the website, please contact the WEBMASTER at webmaster (at)

If you wish to chat with me, please subscribe to the appropriate tier on Patreon I will then chat with you via Snapchat, Instagram or Kik


  • I do Pinup, Glamor, Fetish, Goth, Horror, and other Artistic sets
  • I charge, NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • I DO NOT do porn style shots or spread shots. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • If you’re unsure don’t be afraid to ask
  • If you are not local to the SouthEast, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m open to traveling elsewhere!
  • I charge reasonably

Contact me for rates, they are very reasonable and can be flexible… Keep in mind that location and concept will determine my rate