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Where Can I sign up? What are the benefits of signing up where?

Coming Soon I will have my very own MEMBERS ONLY section on this website!!! More details when the site gets finished and linked in 🙂 Still not sure what will be on it or how much it will cost

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Patreon is a tiered system for helping me create art! Simply click on the reward tier you want and the posts that are available will be unlocked on my Patreon Feed, you will also get emails whenever I post something new! This is the best way to keep up with me and tiers start at only $1/month!

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Zivity has a couple of options
*1. Sign up for the whole site: this is approx $15/month.
*You can “vote” on your favorite models for extra incentives sent to your inbox. These incentives are different for every model. Most of mine are posted in the description section of each set. –Here’s a secret– If you message me, I can send you a free 30 day trial to see if you like it (i do ask that you vote at least 5 times [$5] on my sets for this favor)


*Subscription Sites just not for you? Never fear, I have a one time donation button at the bottom of every page on this site, simply type in the amount you would like to donate, and follow the steps to pay via dwolla or credit/debit card. I will send you a personal “Thank You” email for doing so.

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Not sure how much to donate? Or want to purchase something else? Check out my tiers here… Perhaps want to try out a Patreon tier without the subscription? Choose “custom” and choose the tier amount and leave a note on the tier you want. Or send me a message about what you would like to purchase.Perhaps want to try out a Patreon tier without the subscription?
*I Also have a digital download and print shop set up (*Eld Shoppe* on the main menu). It’s still under construction so if there is something in particular you want that you don’t see in my shop, you can always message me about it. If I am able to sell it I will 🙂

*Interested in signed prints or publications? There are tiers that have those available on my Patreon Or you can message me about selling one directly to you!

Thank you so much for your continued support!