About Me

General Information:

Hello, my name is Hada Pixie. Hada is pronounced “ah-the” or “ah-th-ah” it’s Spanish for “fairy”. I’m a Georgia Girl; lived in and around Atlanta all my life. I graduated from Oglethorpe University in 2011 with a B.A. in English. My freshman year in college I began modeling (2007). My Senior year I took a photography course and began learning the other side of the lens, though I did not start looking at it seriously until 2013.
I have tattoos: 7 so far, and piercings (27). I’m pale, green eyed with long black and purple hair. I’ve been mistaken for Brazilian, Argentinian, Persian, Puerto Rican, and even Mexican. I have a diverse look, you can see more of my work on Model Mayhem. I do a lot of Pinup, Glamor, Fetish, Goth, and Artistic sets.

My dance background helps with modeling; 9 years of Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Modern as a child, followed closely by 6 years of Martial Arts (Taiji or Tai-Chi) training. I began taking Middle-Eastern dance (Bellydance) when I turned 18 and continue to do so.

Go-go dancing, Performing and Publication: